Vendor Agreements Review

A good agreement protects everybody and works exactly as intended. You have a business to run, and the agreement should directly support that need. Stoney-Wilson will review your vendor agreements to assure that your best financial and service level interests are served.

Service level assessment

Are your vendors living up to their performance commitments?


Is your vendor pricing appropriate? Fair? Are there other vendors that can improve on the pricing to lighten your overall cost? Are there technology upgrades that could improve your pricing?


What is your vendor’s performance quality? Is it there on time, but broken? Are they meeting their deadlines?


What’s the overall service level quality?

Competitor comparisons

What vendors do your competitors use? Are they getting better service than you? If you use the same vendors, are they getting preferential treatment?

* Please note that Stoney-Wilson is not a law firm nor are its members attorneys. Any evaluation provided on your contracts or agreements are offered to alert you to possible issues. It would be appropriate to have an attorney verify that the possible issues referenced are in need of adjustment.