Customized Sales & Service Training

Stoney-Wilson helps you meet the challenge of meeting accelerated growth objectives and rising customer expectations. Our relationship oriented, needs-focused approach will help your company develop sales teams, strengthen client relationships and become customer focused. Also, with 70% of customers moving to another company because of poor customer service, we can help train your employees to provide superior service levels to retain your customers and not confuse effort with results.

Sales associates and management

Sales training… who needs it? Can managers manage sales people without knowing how to sell? Can sales people know how to manage a sales team without knowing how to manage?

Features, advantages & benefits

What’s the difference? How and when do you leverage features? Advantages? Benefits?

Sales techniques

Are you dealing with affiliation buyers? Power buyers? How do you adjust your sales pitch to the individual(s) your selling to? Are you dealing with the decision maker?

How to package loan requests for bankers

Is selling your loan request to a banker necessary? What is a banker looking for? Do you have a plan to sell the lender?

Customer responsiveness

Is your customer service level falling short? Are you losing customers? Are you fielding complaints far too often? How do you get your service levels up to par?

Product & pricing

How do you know if you have the right product mix? What’s selling? What isn’t? How do you develop your pricing? Cost basis? Competitive basis? Combination?

Business Development

How do you put a Business Development plan together? Do you know what your target markets are? Do you have the right people in place? The right products or services. How do you know if your efforts are paying off?