Developing your marketing collateral i.e., sales brochures, signs, visual aids, sales scripts, etc., to make the sales effort easier and more effective can be challenging; this is true for the Phoenix metro area and across the country. Stoney-Wilson can help you with this important sales tool. We can also assist in defining your market, your competition and your plan to get the best return on your investment.

Marketing collateral evaluation

How do I know if my marketing brochures, tear sheets, etc. are good? How do I know if they work? How can I improve my marketing collateral to be more effective?

Competitive assessment

How do I determine what share of the market I have? What do my competitors have that I don’t? What’s my competitive advantage? How do I leverage my advantage?

Development of a marketing plan

Should I market broadly or to a targeted segment of the market? Do I know where my greatest opportunities for sales are? How do I get where I want to be with my marketing?