Purpose Statement

Stoney-Wilson Business Consulting LLC is headquartered in Scottsdale Arizona. The two principal Members of Stoney-Wilson, Julie Stoney and Bob Wilson bring more that 70 years of business experience to the table. Their background in banking, finance and communications provides an exceptional foundation for advising business in need of banking & credit, cash management, business planning and sales management services. While not limited geographically, Stoney-Wilson was designed to cater to the small and medium sized business community.

Stoney-Wilson was established based on their shared vision, that success in business is most often based on relationships. They believe collaboration among people, headed in the same direction can achieve common goals. No one does it alone. Solutions to most business issues and opportunities are best developed by people, working together, sharing their individual experiences and creatively developing the right responses. That’s why Stoney-Wilson Business Consulting endeavors to handle clients in need of “relationship” solutions vs. transactional solutions. Consequently, “Turning obstacles into opportunities together” truly represents the ultimate objective of the firm’s mission in serving their clients.

As a fully integrated consulting firm, Stoney-Wilson offers significant resource capability to develop a full relationship solution for your business.

Better Business Bureau Accredited Business