Contract Review

Our review helps address matters we know can result in undue liability for your company. A legal review may still be needed to address other issues. What often happens is that we reduce the number of issues our client’s lawyers need to address.

Review terms & conditions

Do you know if you need a loan? Do you know what type of loan you need? Can you fund your needs internally in lieu of getting a loan?

Financial analysis

If you have entered into contracts with your customers or vendors, Stoney-Wilson can review them to assure that there are no clear errors. Has the contract expired? Are you outside of your agreement?

Financial Covenants

Are you compliant with your financial responsibilities under the contract? Is your customer? Your vendor??

Liability Issues

Have you incurred financial or performance liability?

* Please note that Stoney-Wilson is not a law firm nor are its members attorneys. Any evaluation provided on your contracts or agreements are offered to alert you to possible issues. It would be appropriate to have an attorney verify that the possible issues referenced are in need of adjustment.