Sales Analysis & Customer Service Levels

Stoney-Wilson can help you identify critical sales competencies, define the baseline competencies used by top and low performers, determine the extent to which individual salespeople can acquire the skills in order to narrow the scope of training to the specific competencies needed. Provide “performance’ and “learning” objective definitions for the development of training modules, coaching assignments, job aids and writing a measurable job requirements description. Determine the results of training, based on objectives. Help construct a personal selling skills development program.

Customer service level assessment

What’s the quality level of the service I provide to my customers? How do I find out?

Quality solutions

Do you look at your financial statements? Do you understand your financial statements? Do you know where your revenues are headed and why? Do you know when your expenses are out of line and how to fix the problem?

Service level agreements

What is a service level agreement? How can a service level agreement assure me that I get and give consistent, high level service?

Customer satisfaction surveys

What do my customers think about my products and services? About my service levels? How do I build a survey to find out?


Do you have specific problems that pop up with your sales programs? Stoney-Wilson can determine the cause of the problem and develop solutions for you.