Cash Management Analysis Services

Stoney-Wilson can help you determine if you have the right commercial deposit products and cash management services. This can improve your cash flow, assess your cash position throughout the day, maximize excess cash via investments, reduce debt/expenses and improve accounting and operational oversight. It will also help protect your company against fraud.

Determine the right product mix for your company

Determine the most cost effective cash management products for your company. Is Remote Deposit appropriate? What’s the cost? Do you use ACH? Wire Transfer? Are your Merchant Services profitable and timely?

Improved cash flow

Do your deposits sit in your desk for a week or more? What’s the fastest way to collect your money? Are the products you’re using the most efficient? How can you utilize your cash management products for investment purposes?

Cost saving plan and implementation

What if you could reduce the cost of your services by thousands of dollars each year? We can negotiate your services on your behalf to improve your cash and investment position while saving you money.